Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The ultimate veggie burger

Most vegetarian burger patties use  potatos for flavour and bulk. But, I don't like taters. They're so filling and ultimately just taste of starch. (I can feel the potato lovers aiming their  potatos to my head, Sorry!). So, whenever I experiment with vegetarian burger patties, I avoid using them spuds. This is not really a problem  because there are dozens of vegetables and beans you can use to make a fantastic vegetarian burger. And no, these patties don't mimic the original. They don't taste like meat, they taste better!

Mushrooms, carrots, garbanzo beans, cheese and spinach are what I made this patty from. I didn't mash the beans much as I wanted to be able to taste them when I bit into the patty. You can also use black beans, broad beans, corn, yam (they;re way better than potatos), tomatos, broccoli, celery ... so many vegetables. I don't think you should try cabbage, though if you succeed let me know.

Anyway, back to my dinner. I seasoned the patty with southwestern spices -- cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, paprika, ground cumin, pepper, oregano and onion and garlic powder. This combo really gave the veggie patty kick! Don't worry though, it's won't be a  drop-everything-and-rush-like-a-mad-cow-for-water hot; just spicy.

Instead of lettuce, I lay my patty on a bed of grean pea shoots. They're crunchy and real tasty; don't be put out just cos they're in the sprout family. Healthy can be tasty, people. Add some slices of tomato and, of course cheese -- cheddar or mozerella, is fine -- melted like crazy over the patty and I was good to go. Oh, and I didn't use mayonnaise. Instead I opted for a little mustard and some tomato sauce (not bottled, good grief!).

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