Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Egg sandwich, pepped up and ready to go

An egg sandwich is hardly glamorous. But in the world of sandwiches, my comfort food is the good ol' egg sandwich. Not the type that's smothered with mayo, but a good, juicy (yes, juicy isn't reserved for steaks) fried egg sandwich with onions and relish of choice.

My egg sandwiches have gone through several phases of evolution. In the early years, they were simple — just fried with some onions and scallions, seasoned with pepper and salt.

Then, my grandmother acquianted me with her way of frying an egg — mixing cumin and chilli powder into a paste that’s beaten with the egg; the onions stay but not the scallions.

Over the years my fried eggs are filled (with a variety of vegetables from mushrooms to spinach to potato) and are served with a relish of some sort — home made and randomely concocted, of course.

This morning’s egg sandwich was filled with mushroom (swiss brown, sliced) and leek and covered with melted mozzarella; seasoned with red pepper flakes, black pepper, salt and some oregano; and served on a bed of lettuce laced with some pesto I made from parsley (pic above). I polka dotted the pesto covered leaves with some yellow mustard — a trendy sandwich — and included a generous slice of tomato, lightly grilled.

It’s a really simple sandwich but because of the pesto, there is some prep involved. You can of course use store bought pesto but I find them way too expensive. Plus, where'd you go to find parsley pesto?

But hey, you end up not only with a delicious egg sandwich but some pesto to use for a pasta dinner.

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