Friday, December 25, 2009

Don’t need a hog to sniff these out

Chocolate truffles were my salvation yesterday. Was invited for a Christmas eve  party and, having had an extremely crazy week at work, I had no time buy a hostess gift. No wine, no flowers, nothing in my fridge or pantry to bake a simple cake.

What I did have was half a chocolate cake, baked a couple of days before for personal consumption. Actually, the reason it was for personal consumption was because it was a tad too dry and therefore not fit for shared consumption.

I stared at the cake and then recalled a recipe to salvage the already baked, slightly crumbly cake. Chocolate Truffles of course. They'd be perfect for a  Christmas desert: delicious to eat, wonderful to behold and easy to assemble. No one would guess they're the result of a salvaged botched job. (Marty and I made these for our catering gig which was actually how I got the idea in the first place. She showed me how easy they could be to make).

Now, actual truffles are made from melted chocolate and cream and of course, butter. But a recipe is only a theme for which you use your creativity to build upon, right?

So I crumbled the left over cake with my bare hands and added a chocolate sauce I hastily made (full of love, of course and that's what counts).

until I got the perfectly moist consistency of truffles. I also had some honeycomb chocolate in the fridge and I chopped those up to itty bitty pieces and added them to the mix.

I then rolled the mixture into compact balls (they don't have to be perfect -- they're imperfect shapes are meant to resemble the actual fungi they share a name with) and then rolled them in cocoa powder mixed with a tsp of icing sugar.

[caption id="attachment_677" align="aligncenter" width="130" caption="Culinary Truffles"][/caption]

These two-bite sized chocolate treasures were a hit with the hostess and her guests. I guess it's true that leftovers taste better although i didn't share this with my hostess .

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  1. the truffles i make only needs dark choc & cream! and i roll them in hot choc powder... yummm


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