Monday, October 26, 2009

Taking the meat out of a meatloaf


I watch a lot of TV. And I really do mean a lot. Not so much when I was growing up as my folks were firm about us kids not watching much TV. I think we were allowed one programme  a day on weekdays and not much more on weekends. It was only during school holidays that we had the chance to binge on TV.

Now, I watch TV all the time and thankfully, it's a part of my job. Now, I have to watch TV. The good, the bad ... I have to know whats out there.

OK.  What's this got to do with food?

Well, apart from the plot and storylines, the witty dialogue and clever repartee, i am also attracted to the food on TV. And I am not talking bout the programmes on the Asian Food Channel.


An example,  I love Friends and still laugh            out loud everytime Astro repeats a repeat of        a repeat of an episode. Love the characters,          love the humour. But I also love the food. I          often imagine having Monica's job.

Since I watch a lot of American TV, I have            always been fascinated by American staples:        Roast, Mac 'n Cheese, Apple Pie and even Chinese Take Away! (Would you believe that when I was in  NYC early this year I bought myself several of the cardboard take away cartons -- like the ones you see on TV -- from a Chinese food shop!!).

The one dish I have been dying to try is Meatloaf. The idea of meat in the form of a loaf: cool, right?

[caption id="attachment_147" align="alignleft" width="100" caption="Not this meat loaf"]Not this meat loaf[/caption]

I decided to try it early this year. I found a recipe from Martha Stewart (all hail the grand dame) and made a beef meat loaf (the real meat, not the mock stuff, for my strictly non vegetarian partner) and a chicken meat loaf.

And now I want to try a vegetarian meat loaf.

I regret to say my first attempt was not quite successful. The taste was good but the texture too soft. I used tofu as the main ingredient and added some mushroom, peas, potatoes, breadcrumbs, cheese and seasoning.

[caption id="attachment_150" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Something's not quite right here"]Something's not quite right here[/caption]

My mission this week or so is to make the perfect vegetarian meatloaf and, pray indulge, I will record my progress.

Here's wishing me luck.


  1. what you trying to say??? that's what i'm getting?!?

  2. You mean, is what you see, what you get? Perhaps.

  3. Hi dear, Found your blog. Added you to my blogroll (peeps in da hood)

    As for a vegetarian meatloaf, try the firm tofu instead of the soft kind.

    Mum also made one (for the carnivores in your life) with beef and pork. Try that! ;-)

  4. Hey Nigel. Thanks for the comments. Did use firm tofu. but i think may need something else ... will update asap!

    Tried beef (turned out yummy, apparently) and am gonna attempt a beef+pork combo. v shall see...


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