Saturday, June 7, 2014

Warm Farro Salad (with Roasted Vegetables and Red Pepper Pesto)

Knowing how OBSESSED I've been with grains, Jane (The Wayward Oven) bought be a packet of Farro from her holiday in America some time back. I was thrilled. It's strange how I get more excited about ingredients and food items then I do about make up or jewellery. We can't find Farro in Malaysia and I've read about it and was curious about how it'd taste. So, yes, I was super excited with my souvenir (?).

Like quinoa and millet (and rice, actually), I cooked the farro in water following a 1:2 ratio (1/2 cup farro: 1 cup water/stock). Farro however takes a teensy bit longer to cook than millet or quinoa - about 15 minutes (as opposed to 10) and is a bit more chewy and definitely more nutty.

I admit that it took a few chews before I totally fell in love with it. You see, I've been convinced that millet is, by far, the tastiest grain I'll ever eat. But farro ... well, it's a close call. It's more filling, I'll give you that.

I made a warm salad with the farro, with roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts and instead of a dressing or sauce, I went with a red pepper pesto.

If you haven't tried red pepper pesto, you've got to. It's super delicious. Roasted peppers + walnuts + cheese + basil + olive oil. Easy. The sweet and slightly smokey taste of the roasted peppers with the nuts and cheese is just rich. Not too rich for I only added a little cheese. But rich in flavour.

I had some leftover salad and the next day, I took it out of the fridge and put it into the skillet - yes, still cold, and stir-fried it, Asian-style, with an egg. Forget fried rice; go with day-old fried farro. And yes, I still ate it with the pesto because it was just so good!

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