Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally, Banana Bread

If you, like me, have been waiting for a banana bread that tasted a little more like bread and less like cake, then you have to try this recipe, courtesy of Dan Lepard, award-winning baker and columnist for the Guardian.

Most of the banana breads I've tasted have been soft, springy, moist and without a crust. Also, I may be alone in this, but many of the banana breads I've tasted in the paste have an overpowering taste of banana. I know, I know. There is a reason its called BANANA bread or cake but I prefer just a hint of Banana in my bread. and I'd like it a little less springy and a little more hearty.

Up until a couple of days ago, I was still hoping for the 'right' banana bread.

Lepard posted his Banana Bread recipe. Lepard's Banana Bread is the real deal. For one thing, he uses only wholemeal bread flour (and not all purpose flour or high protein flour or a mix of AP or high protein and wholemeal). This gives the bread a really nice, dense texture. Kinda like wholemeal bread. Healthy!

Lepard also uses brown sugar and not too much of it: 175gms sugar to 325g flour.

It's also full of walnuts. Delicious, roughly chopped walnuts; 125 gms of them. Nice. Bananas and nuts are a delicious combination that I am already plotting ways of combining the two again in another dessert. 

There is no yeast, just baking soda.

So if you, like me, prefer more bite to your banana bread, check out Mr Lepard's recipe here! 


  1. Hi there,
    It's really nice that you like this Dan Lepard recipe, but in cases like this, we do ask bloggers to simply say where the original recipe was taken from and then talk about any changes they've made, and not to print the whole recipe (ingredients and method). I hope you'll understand that Dan's recipes are copyright and The Guardian employs Dan to write for them, and we ask bloggers to respect this and provide a link rather than copy the recipe.
    Thank you,
    David Whitehouse,

    1. Hi David, my mistake. Have made the amendments :)

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