Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And we're off

So we let Crazy Juliet loose yesterday and I must say,  it was a little nerve-wracking but  a whole lot of fun. You know, it's very, very rare that I have  so  much enthusiasm on a Monday morning but yesterday,  Marty and I found that it is possible to start the week of with a bang after all. 

Who's Juliet and why is she crazy, you ask? Well, Marty (my colleague/fellow food blogger/friend) and I decided to start a small enterprise catering sandwiches for lunch to our colleagues at work. Read more about it here.

After months of careful planning (and forcing our friends to sample our sandwiches and comment on them) we finally got our business -- we are called Crazy Juliet -- off the ground last week. We posted a menu online last Tuesday and invited a bunch of our colleagues to check the menu out and consider our homemade  sandwiches a possible alternative for lunch once a week.

The response was better than we expected -- 23 orders for three types of sandwiches. It's a modest number but it was a good number to start with. After all, it's just the two of us baking the breads, making the fillings and assembling the sandwiches. Our three sandwich fillings were  Thyme Roast Chicken (pic above,left),  Grilled Eggplant with  Cottage Cheese and Curried Tempeh, Potato and Egg.

The feedback was, thankfully, positive. We received compliments but also some constructive criticism from which we've learnt a few lessons for next week. Yes, we already have some orders for next week!

Who would have thought that all my dreams of playing around with food and recipes like Sookie St James (of the family drama Gilmore Girls? If you haven't watched the series, you should!) would actually come true. So if you are in the hood and want a taste of Crazy Juliet, email us at

Till next time!


  1. wow...i guess congratulations is in tall order! do u deliver to NST? hehe

  2. LOL. Now that would be quite funny! And thanks.

  3. good job!! will put an order in next time i'm in your neighbourhood ;)

  4. we miss all the good stuff in BJ. any chance you could expand operations over here? seriously, please, i'm a sandwich-eater!

  5. aiyah. for the moment very susah cos only 2 of us.will discuss wit jane how to make this possible k :O)


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