Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stuffed pocket: always a good thing

Pita bread is a delicious pocket bread that's associated with Middle Eastern or Mediterranean cuisine. What's amazing about the pita bread, or simply pita, is the way a pocket of air opens up in the centre while the dough puffs up in the oven. Quite ingenious, no? The pocket makes pita perfect for a sandwich, though many use it to scoop sauces or dips.

This post isn't about pita but a pita sandwich (look out for the pita post soon). I had some leftover hummus I wanted to finish off and what better bread to go with hummus that pita? Putting the sandwich together was real easy but there was some prep involved sine I wanted to add sundried tomato pesto to the mix. What this entails is hours of slow baking cherry tomatoes in the oven (five to six hours!) and then blending them with some pine nuts, olive oil and cheese. Once you get this done, you're good to go.

Toast the pita. Spread a generous layer of hummus on the bottom sleeve of the pocket. Hard boil two eggs and then chop it up small and mix in some pitted black olives (chopped small too) and Parsley (chopped as well). Slice some iceburg lettuce. Mix them all together and season with salt and pepper.

Fill a layer of the sundried tomato pesto on the hummus (or you can spead it on the top sleeve of the pocket) and the spoon the egg+olive+parsley filling in.

Sit yourself in front of the TV and enjoy!

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