Friday, January 8, 2010

No Egg Omelette

I saw a carton of Organ's "No Egg Egg Replacer" in the supermarket the other day and I had to get it. Not because I am thinking of quitting eggs (not yet, at least) but I was just curious about how an egg replacer would work and, more importantly, how authentic the taste would be.

The "No Egg Egg Replacer" comes in powder form: it is, after all, made of Potato starch, tapioca flour, vegetable gum (methylcellulose, calcium carbonate), citric acid!

1 tsp of Organ No Egg + 2 tbsp water = one egg. That's what the instructions on the box said. The box also had a simple recipe for (No Egg) egg custard.

Although it made more sense to use the Egg Replacer in cakes, pastries and such, I decided to see if the No Egg Egg Replacer could actually be made into a No Egg Omelette.

I usually go for a two-egg omelette, so i mixed 2 tsp of the No Egg Egg Replacer (you can tell I kinda like saying this) with 2tbsps water. I heated some onions in butter, added spinach and then the Egg Replacer.

OK, for one thing, the texture is nothing like egg. Maybe congealed egg whites but this mixture was a little too gummy. Err....

Ok, I don't think frying an omelette was going to work. Scratching my head, I picked up the box again, and notice the "warning note" at the back:


Egg replacer is not suitable for making scrambled eggs or omelettes.

Doh! Seriously, a Homer moment! Oh well, you can't knock a gal for trying. Now that I have just wasted two No Eggs, I  will (hopefully) learn to take it easy and read instructions properly and not just jump headlong into some silly experiment. Ha! Sounds like a resolution for 2010.

Now, my problem. Should I eat the gummy omelette or should I just trash it. (in my head I hear my mother's words:  "... think of the starving children around the world...").

Awwww, Ma!


Egg replacer is not suitable for making scrambled eggs or omelettes.


  1. That just looks gross. So glad you posted it though, because I once was interested in trying the powder eggs, and now am no longer interested! Thanks for being so brave! :)

  2. Gross to look at, yes. Imagine eating the glob! haha. Yes, I have a packet in my pantry I know not what i am gonna do with!! ;(
    thanks for your comment!


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