Sunday, January 3, 2010

Going green

I am easily seduced by gorgeous photos of food. I was leafing through the December/January issue of Australian food mag Delicious and was attracted to a picture of a green pea salad with mint. This is highly paranormal behaviour because I simply detest salads. Raw food is just so raw-ng, isnt it?

But, who can explain the stronghold of seduction and I found drawn to the vibrant greens in the salad -- there was nothing but green peas,  sweet peas, snow peas, spinach  and mint.

I decided to try it. Thankfully, the recipe require that the vegetables be cooked in salted water for a few minutes. Since I also used asparagus, I kept them in the boiling salt water for a while longer so they woudn't be stringy.

The dressing in the recipe was a olive oil-mustard-red wine vinegar-sugar combo but I decided to make my own, keeping with the pea theme.

The pea sauce (similar to a pea soup but thicker consistency) just has you browning some onion and then cooking the onions with some garlic and required peas in vegetable stock. Add some milk (evaporated milk would be tastier) and then blend. Back on the fire for a bit; add seasoing.

Honestly, I was surprised how good the salad was. The sauce was tasty but I think simply seasoning the vegs with salt and pepper and some paprika would do.

An extension of this green theme is a green grape salsa I made. I had a whole bunch of grapes at home, a buah tangan from a friend. I like grapes but this was a huge bunch and I was afraid it would go bad before I could finish them. Hence the salsa. Green grape, pulsed; red chilli, scallions and nuts, chopped small, green peas and a dressing of lime juice, blasamic vinegar, salt and pepper is all it requires.

I am havin a lot of fun     coming up with salad recipes that I would like and I think I may be eating a lot more salads in 2010.

Cooked salads though cos i still think  raw salads are so rawng.


  1. here's one for you, you sure like one!!

    roast sweet potato & feta salad
    you'll need:
    half cup flaked almonds
    a kg of sweet potato, peeled & cut into decent sized chunks
    150g baby rocket
    150g persian feta (i couldn't find the one from persia, so i got ordinary ol australian feta)

    preheat oven, and while that's happening toast the flaked almonds in the oven.

    place sweet potato in a large roasting dish, spray on some olive oil & season with salt n pepper. i also put some i-talian erbs... quite noice :)

    roast the sweet potato until golden and tender. remove from oven and let cool.

    for the dressing, combine quarter cup extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp balsamic & 2 tbsp honey. easiest way to combine is put in a glass jar (with lid) and shake shake shake.

    plate up - put rocket on a platter, top with sweet potato. pour dressing over. then crumble feta over the salad & scatter the almond.

    so easy but so so good!!

  2. Thanks Sheila. Sounds delicious alright. will definitely try it asap and will post a pic for your approval :)


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